Raw Linseed Oil

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Obtained from the seed of the Flax plant, Raw Linseed Oil remains popular with both the Furniture Restorers and fine Cabinet Makers. On application, Raw Linseed Oil produces a warm, durable, natural lustre.

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Ensure all areas to be coated are extremely well ventilated during and after application. Always test on a small area prior to initial application. No primer required. Maximum 2 coats recommended. Apply at room temperature. Fiddes Linseed Oil is formulated for application directly, and does not require thinning.


Stir contents thoroughly before and during use, and apply in a warm, well ventilated room. Apply THINLY using a good quality bristle or synthetic brush and lay EVENLY, following the direction of the grain. Remove any surplus material immediately with a cloth, carefully checking all areas for any excess application. Leave to dry 10-12 hours in warm, dry well ventilated conditions, or preferably overnight.


Apply as first coat, THINLY, allowing good ventilation. Leave to dry 10-12 hours in warm, dry well ventilated conditions, or preferably overnight. Clean applicator with White Spirit. Apply 3 coats to new interior timber, and 4 coats to exterior timber. Clean applicators with White Spirit.


To renovate previous application of Linseed Oil, lightly sand area with 150 grit sandpaper, and re-apply.


For regular light maintenance, clean with a damp cloth and wipe dry. Re-application may be necessary where soiling or staining is apparent, following the application details above.


A single application will cover approximately 20-24 square meters per litre,depending on the density of the substrate.


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