FIDDES Barrier Seal

Fiddes Barrier Seal provides a quick drying, surface barrier coat that is ideal for application onto oily, reclaimed or contaminated floor surfaces prior to application of Fiddes Supreme Hard Wax Oil or Fiddes Liquid Floor Wax.

£107.99 INC. VAT

(Single Coat depending on substrate)


Preparation Ensure any previous floor finish has been completely removed. Sanding may be necessary where contamination is severe. Wash using solution of Fiddes Supreme Surface Cleaner and allow to dry.


Stir contents thoroughly before and during use, and apply in a warm well ventilated room. Use a good quality bristle or synthetic brush and lay evenly in the direction of the grain. Fiddes Barrier Seal will dry in 15 minutes under good conditions, and may be thinned by 10-15% with Methylated Spirits where appropriate. NOTE: Significantly longer drying times will occur under cold, damp or humid conditions.On dense oily timbers, apply maximum one coat.Always pre-test on a small area first.


Approximately 14 square metres per litre depending on absorbency of wood.


One coat on hardwood, maximum of two on softwood or more porous timber.



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