FIDDES Full Stop Stain Block

Fiddes FULL STOP is a Shellac based, quick drying, highly pigmented universal white primer that permanently blocks stains and odours in just one coat.
Formulated to adhere to bare or previously coated interior wood, metal, glass, tile, plaster and dry wall, FULL STOP is the ideal one coat, multipurpose stain stopping primer. Increases surfaces adhesion and accepts all oil, water-based and acrylic topcoats.

  • Shellac Based primer-sealer
  • Anti-mould
  • Quick drying
  • Blocks stains & odours in one coat

£24.16 INC. VAT


Weight 1 kg

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from any loose paint, dust debris. Clean down and de-grease surface to remove engrained contamination such as excessive grease, wax, mould and oil that may affect adhesion, prior to application. Sand surface to remove any flaking paint or loose debris, to a smooth clean finish.


Apply in dry conditions at room temperature and stir contents thoroughly. Apply with natural or synthetic bristle brush, roller or spray. Refer to manufacturers spray equipment instructions and clean down with Methylated Spirits.


A single application will approximately cover 12.5m2 per litre, depending on density of substrate. Touch dry in 15 minutes. Re-coat in 45 minutes at room temperature.


Methylated Spirit


Single Coat

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