FIDDES Oxalic Acid Crystals

Effective at removing light stains and blemishes from wood. Also used to lighten wood where required.

Price on Application:

Professional Use only. Please contact for details on availability and regulatory requirements.

Weight 1 kg

Dissolve approximately 500gms of Fiddes Oxalic Acid Crystals into 5 Litres of hot water. A 100% saturated solution is achieved when a precipitation of Oxalic Acid Crystals is evident in the container. Use the solution while hot with a Fiddes Bleach Brush, and rub well into the surface with a scrubbing brush if required. Apply liberally allowing solution to remain on surface until desired lightness has been achieved. Repeat the process if necessary. If solution cools before the desired bleaching effect is achieved, reheat solution, however do not boil. Rinse thoroughly with sodium bi-carbonate/baking soda solution, and allow to dry. When completely dry, lightly sand the surface. Surface must be clean and completely dry before refinishing. Incomplete drying and retained subsurface moisture can cause finish adhesion failure.

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