Clear Universal Wood Preservative

A high-quality, low odour oil/Spirit wood preservative which is deep penetrating. Barrettine wood preserver is used for wood protection against wood destroying fungi (wet rot), wood discolouring fungi and wood boring insects.

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Provides a semi-transparent matt/satin finish allowing the natural wood texture to be visible. Can be used on pressure treated wood, treated timber or untreated wood. Suitable for rough, sawn or smooth timber, does not require over sealing for wood protection.

UV Fade Resistant Colour Wood Stains / Pigments

High Level, Long Lasting Wood Protection & Wood Preservation

Superb Quality Water Repellent Resins

Weight 5 kg

Ensure wood to be treated is dry, free from dirt and repellent coatings such as paint or varnish. (remove and sand down as required). May be sprayed using an airless sprayer such as a Wagner or Graco ideally using a minimum 1mm flat fan tip nozzle (9 – 11 thou tip). The sprayer must be thoroughly cleaned after application with white spirit and then oiled to protect the tip and moving parts (as per manufacturer’s instructions). This product cannot be sprayed with a traditional pump action garden sprayer. Brush or Roller may also be used.

First Coat

Drying times: 12 hours under normal conditions (20°C/65% rel. humidity). Best results – recommend 2-3 applications/coats.


180ml per m2 or1 litre to 5-6 sq metres.


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