Klendoo Stripper – DCM Free

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Fiddes Klendoo Stripper (New Formula), is a DCM (Dichloromethane) – Free, fast acting all purpose Stripper, that is suitable and effective for removing multiple coats of Varnish, Paint, Lacquer and French Polish from a wide range of substrates including wood, glass, masonry and metal.

Dichloromethane Free

Fast Acting Formulation

Non Drip Gel

Non Caustic

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Ensure immediate and surrounding areas are well protected, and use gloves and eye protection. Sand to remove any loose coating and surface debris.


Apply generously using a brush, ensuring all areas are fully covered. Leave for 10 minutes, allowing enough time for the existing coating to blister.
Apply a second coat, again working well into areas where blistering has occurred.

Leave for 20-25 minutes, test area, and remove coating accordingly with a scraper or coarse steel wool. Repeat if necessary.
Neutralize with White Spirit or warm water.

Clean brushes in White Spirit or warm soapy water.


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