Fiddes distribute a comprehensive range of Milesi PU and Acrylic wood coatings. A full colour matching service is also available.
Please contact our Sales Department on 02920 340323 or email for further information.

The range includes:

  • Clear basecoats

  • Pigmented basecoats

  • Clear and matt topcoats, basecoats

  • Clear and glossy topcoats

  • Matt and pigmented topcoats

  • Pigmented and glossy topcoats

  • Acrylic base coats / top coats


Milesi Polyurethane wood coatings have excellent versatility and exceptional chemical and physical resistance. They produce hard surface topcoats with excellent results. Suitable for various uses and product sectors.
The Milesi range includes a complete series of clear and pigmented polyurethane products:

MILESI Acrylic WOOD coatings

Milesi Acrylic wood coatings are characterized by excellent mechanical and chemical resistance and ease of application. Therefore, acrylic coatings are suitable for both artisanal and industrial cycles on various types of wooden products. They are especially recommended for clear or dyed open-pore cycles to achieve natural effect on wood or unfinished wood effect, a popular aesthetic trend in contemporary decor and design.

Acrylic base and top coats offer maximum resistance to yellowing on light-coloured or bleached woods.