How to RESTORE, REVIVE and PROTECT your wood flooring with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil.

Of all the options available to finish wood flooring, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil remains the most popular choice, offering much quicker drying and far more durability than other, more traditional Hard Wax Oils.

Formulated and independently tested to resist liquids and protect against scuffing, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil is perfect for all living room floors, hallways, stairs and landings through to kitchens, bathrooms, worktops and all interior wood surfaces.

Quick and easy to use, finish your floor
in just one day.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil penetrates deeply, providing a quick drying, water repellent, tread-fast finish that can be applied in just one day.
A perfect natural, cost effective finish for both the home and commercial environment.

Naturally Clear or Tinted.

Fiddes Clear Hard Wax Oils are available in Satin or Matt, offering a deep, luxurious sheen, enhancing  the natural beauty of your wood still further.

If you prefer to add a dash of translucent colour, a stunning selection of 13 Tinted Hard Wax Oils are available, ranging from White through to Onyx, all of which are intermixable.

The Oak Lightening Tinted Hard Wax Oil is ideal if you wish to maintain the existing colour, resisting any darkening and preserving the ‘raw’ aesthetic nature of the wood grain.

Not sure what colour? Simply order a 5ml sample sachet to test.

Formulated to work in conjunction with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil, there’s also the option to dye the wood initially using Fiddes Nitro Floor Stains, and finish with Fiddes Hard Wax Oil. Again intermixable…the choice is yours.

White Tint
White Tint
Light Oak
White Tint
Rustic Oak
White Tint
Dark Oak
White Tint
White Tint
White Tint
White Tint
White Tint
White Tint
White Tint
Belgium Grey
White Tint

Where can I apply and how
do I maintain ?

Applied as detailed, Fiddes Hard Wax Oil will offer lasting protection in all interior environments, and will not peel or flake. 
Although extremely durable, should you need to renovate in after a few years in areas such as doorways for example, simply lightly sand and re-apply Fiddes Hard Wax Oil sparingly in the required area. 
To clean and maintain, Fiddes Floor Surface Cleaner or Fiddes Wood Surface Cleaner will freshen the existing finish, requiring no rinsing and drying smear free. 

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